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Whilst we feel MOSAiC is adaptable and flexible enough to suit almost any collection, of any type and any size, the best way is to find out for yourself.

Try it for nothing.  No cost.   No commitment.   No strings attached.

Simply complete the form below to request your free Evaluation Pack.

Our evaluation pack comes complete with all the software you need, installation instructions and a Getting Started Guide.  All you require is a computer running Microsoft Windows 10 or later AND Microsoft Office 2016 or later.

The evaluation software is a fully-working system.  No disabled parts because of running in evaluation mode.  The only limitation is a maximum of 50 records of each type – 50 Items, 50 Subjects, 50 Library records etc.  We feel that after entering this number of records, you will by then, know whether MOSAiC is for you.

If you enter real data during your evaluation into the "live" system,  you do not have to re-enter it into a new “live” system.  Simply pay for the system and you will receive a license number from us.  Register that license number into your system and the 50-record limit is unlocked, leaving the existing data in the system. Carry on from where you left off - no time wasted.

IST are happy to send you an evaluation pack for free. This will be sent to you as an electronic download.

Fill in the form below then click on “Submit” and wait for the download to arrive.
Alternatively, call us on +61 403 832 527 or send us an email to, especially if you have more questions.

NOTE: All we ask of you is that you are genuinely interested in becoming a customer if MOSAiC is right for you. For that reason, the pack is not downloadable from this page as we require your details on the Evaluation Pack Request form.


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