About Information Services & Technology

"Uncompromising service"

Created in 1994 as a database consultancy, IST has always been Australian owned and operated.  We are a family business based in Perth, but well-travelled, serving our customers wherever they are.  "Customer Service" is paramount to us.  Unlike the average business, both before and after sales service are our top priority.  IST are specialising in software for cultural and heritage organisations, our emphasis is on understanding how you work and ensuring you get the tools you need.

SallySally-Anne from IST-Anne

Sally-Anne performs all the financial and administrative functions with a wealth of experience both in running a business and in using computers.  Married to Rew since 1976, her involvement in computers runs deep, but she remains "user-focused" and maintains empathy with software users. She has always been in customer-related job roles and even ran a very successful beauty-therapy business in the UK, then started all over again in Australia.  With many years of living with computers and a computer "nut", she has sound technical skills, but views everything from YOUR standpoint. Call Sally-Anne anytime to see how she balances a business mind with technical understanding, whilst ensuring you feel like the most important customer who ever called - because you are!

AndrewRew from IST ("Rew")

Andrew (called "Rew" by everybody except his mum) is the technical director, bringing over 54 years of computer experience.  He has spent many years in software development and support, working his way up to European Support Manager with a very large computer manufacturer before deciding to turn his talents to computer training. Since 1994 Rew has taught technical and end-user courses for a number of institutions in the U.K. and Australia.  He has built a reputation for getting along with everybody, whilst still being able to apply his well-honed technical savvy to problem solving.  Call him anytime to see how he solves your problem like a true "techie", yet explains it all to you in simple terms.  A rare combination, borne out by his own words: "I like to explain things in words of one syllable or less".

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