Collections MOSAiC

Collections MOSAiC is a Collections Management system that is simple enough to use for anyone, affordable enough for everyone, sophisticated enough for the most discerning and flexible enough to suit collections of any size.
Fully searchable data, with built-in and user-definable reports and data export functions.  Pre-loaded with industry standard validation lists, but fully customizable by yourself. 
See the minimum system requirements and more about MOSAiC

An internet connection is not required, but if available, your collection data can be easily uploaded to the internet for searching by the public (or just your staff). 
Upload a copy of your data to MOSAiC Online to bring your collection to a wider audience. 

Fully-Functional, FREE Evaluation Packs are available.

Collections MOSAiC and MOSAiC Online Price List:
To download the latest price list for -
collections MOSAiC 12, click here
MOSAiC Online, click here

Our popular Collections MOSAiC collections management system is currently licensed to over 700 sites throughout Australasia - Designed for use by Museums, Historical Societies, Galleries, Libraries, Cultural Heritage Organizations, Sporting Clubs and Organisations, Schools etc., that have collections with heritage significance.  Your collection is usually a combination of objects, photographs, documents, books, archives and artworks with data from associated people, places, events etc. and digitised information such as images, oral histories etc.  Your database will display your mosaic of heritage.

Collections MOSAiC is also suitable for private collections and single collection types.

Collections MOSAiC has been in use since the mid-90s and the latest version (12) has been available since December 2021.  To see the extensive improvements incorporated in version 12, download the MOSAiC 12 Improvements information.

Technical and User Support of the system by telephone, email and remote access from IST is included in the purchase price for the first 6 months for new MOSAiC clients.  This excludes online training.  For subsequent years, an optional support contract is available.   Click here to download further details.

Free Online Updates:

Updates for MOSAiC 12
These MOSAiC 12 updates are NOT the full installation program for MOSAiC 12, they are just updates for your current version of collections MOSAiC 12.  If you have MOSAiC 12.47 or below, then click the following link, relevant to your system and apply as per the instructions contained in the Updating to version 12.48 document.  This document will also tell you how to ascertain which version of the update you will require.
To download the MOSAiC12.48_Update Client 32-bit, click here
o download the MOSAiC 12.48_Update Client 64-bit, click here

if you would like the full collections MOSAiC version 12 installation program, please contact I.S.T.

Updates for MOSAiC 11
Updates within a major number (e.g. 11.1 to 11.61) are free.
If you already have version 11. something and not 11.61 you can update to the latest version using the links below.
"Is it easy to apply the update?" - yes.
"How do I apply the update?" - For MOSAiC 11 updates...
Download and follow the 
MOSAiC 11.61 update instructions from here.
Download the update from here

This is NOT the full installation program for MOSAiC 11.  
You will need a fully working, licensed, Collections MOSAiC 11 system before you can apply this update. 
If you have any questions, please contact us before installing this update. 


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