We appreciate how tight some budgets can be. Having free or low-cost software available is a major help for some, so here are a few for you.

Please note - we do not recommend or endorse these programs, they are simply useful tools we have encountered and have not had problems with. You download them and use them at your own risk.

IST Remote Support tool.
Would you like to receive remote support from IST? 
To receive support, click on the link below and download the IST Remote Support tool, then give us a call and tell us your ID and Password.
userfiles/file/Tools/MOSAiC_Help.exe Download IST Remote Support tool

When you start this tool, you can "text" us directly. We can also have a "chat" session if you wish. With or without video. Just like Skype-ing.
In addition, with your assistance we can connect to your computer to help with any problems.
(Note - You are always in control- we cannot connect without your help every time. You can close the program at any time and we cannot re-connect without your help again.) Download IST Remote Support tool

If you have a Mac, use this link instead...
TeamViewer for Mac OS X

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Tight budget?  Looking for some free / Low cost software?

Correcting the orientation of your images - 
download and install this free tool - JPEG Autorotate
then follow the guidelines in our "How To... Rotate jpg (jpeg) images for MOSAiC 11"

Need to convert some TIFF files to JPG format? Here's a free tool to do the job...

Save $'s off technology upgrades and software for your organisation by contacting
"Connecting Up"

How about a small program for Reading PDF files.
You can also use this tool to create PDF files.
The program is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Nitro PDF Reader

Are you creating Oral Histories? How about a free editor for your sound files?
try - Audacity  

Looking for a free "Office Suite"? (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, etc.)?
Try KingSoft
or Open Office 

Search collections online Request a FREE exavluation pack